6.93 Public Affairs Participation

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: RPM Title 6 | Human Resources

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Revision History:

Recompiled 2017, formerly Policy 4.60

The policy of the Board of Regents is that faculty and staff have the same citizens’ rights as other people. However, employees seeking elective office or serving in an elective office must not allow campaign and service activities to interfere with university responsibilities. Employees elected to the state legislature will be placed on leave without pay during the term of such office. Any possible conflict of interest shall be reported by the employee or by any other concerned employee to the administration through the appropriate channels. Unresolved issues shall be referred to the appropriate Faculty Grievance Review Board. It shall be the responsibility of the employee to report appointment or election to public bodies and/or conflict of interest situations. Such reports shall be sent to the Office of the President. The written notification shall include the type of employment or type of office, the commencing and terminating dates or period of service, and, when applicable, the nature of the conflict of interest situation. The Chancellor has discretion to approve requests to serve on international, national, state, and local committees and commissions.