2.40 University Administrative Council

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: RPM Title 2 | Institutional Organization and Affiliated Entities

Policy Administrator:

Last Updated: 01/31/2011



Revision History:

08/30/2023 Title changes from "Chancellor" to "President"; "community college presidents" to "Chancellor – NMSU system community college"; text change from "executive vice and provost" to "provost and chief academic officer"
Recompiled 2017, formerly Policy 1.05.50
01/31/2011 Amendment approved by Board of Regents
09/08/2006 Amendment approved by Board of Regents

A. Recognition of Council and Purpose

The Board of Regents recognizes the University Administrative Council as an advisory body, to be utilized at the President’s discretion, for discussion and/or recommendations on matters of university business.


B. Membership of Council

At the discretion of the President, the membership includes the provost and chief academic officer senior vice presidents, chancellor – NMSU system community college, vice presidents, associate vice presidents, athletics director, deans, faculty senate chair, ASNMSU president, graduate student council president, chair of the Employee Council, university general counsel, chief audit executive (ex officio) and others as may be invited by the President.


C. Conduct of Meetings

The President chairs the University Administrative Council. In the President’s absence, the provost and senior vice president for academic affairs acts in this capacity. Minutes of each meeting will be distributed to the council members prior to the next meeting, or as soon as practicable.