1.10 NMSU System Policies and Procedures

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: RPM Title 1 | Institutional Governance

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Last Updated: 10/13/2015



RPM 1.70 Shared Governance and the Role of Faculty Senate

Revision History:

Recompiled 2017.

10/21/2015 Amendment Approved by Board of Regents.
06/20/2013 Amendment Approved by Board of Regents.
07/20/2010 Amendment Approved by Board of Regents. 

A. Policy Statements

Pursuant to the authority granted under the New Mexico Constitution and related statutes, the Board of Regents governs New Mexico State University and the New Mexico Department of Agriculture (collectively the “NMSU System”) through the adoption of policies. These policies provide direction relating to the mission and goals for the NMSU System, as well as delegate or reserve authority. The purpose of this policy is to establish a framework for the adoption of NMSU System policies and to authorize the development of enforceable administrative rules and procedures as may be necessary to achieve the goals and directives established by the Board of Regents.

  1. Policy statements, once approved by the Board of Regents, shall be maintained in a document titled “Regents Policy Manual” (RPM) (formerly titled, the “NMSU Policy Manual”) which may take the form of an online website. All changes to the Regent’ Policy Manual, except as otherwise provided below, are effective only upon approval by the Board of Regents in open meeting. The Board of Regents policies shall apply to the entire NMSU system unless otherwise provided.
  2. The chancellor is authorized to adopt administrative rules and procedures as may be appropriate and necessary to implement the policies adopted by the Board of Regents, and to ensure efficient and effective organizational/transactional control. Those rules and procedures which have been formally adopted and approved by the Chancellor shall be maintained in a document entitled “Administrative Rules and Procedures of NMSU” (ARP) which may take the form of an online website. The ARP shall apply throughout the NMSU system unless otherwise stated. The university shall include in the ARP a process that provides adequate opportunity for university stakeholders to provide comment regarding proposals to amend, repeal, or propose new policies or ARP provisions.
  3. Any proposal which involves the academic mission and matters of shared governance, as defined in RPM 1.70, shall be reviewed and approved by the Faculty Senate before submission to the chancellor for final approval. Any such proposal not approved by Faculty Senate shall become effective only upon approval from the Board of Regents.
  4. Provisions contained in the Regents Policy Manual and Administrative Rules and Procedures shall not create any type of contract, implied or otherwise, between the regents and its employees or any other individual or entity. Policies and the ARP may be amended or revoked at any time in accordance with this policy.
  5. A policy approved by the Board of Regents will become effective on the date of approval, or on such other date as reflected in the approved policy. In those instances where there is a compelling need for an immediate policy change, the chancellor may adopt and implement provisional policy, provided that the provisional policy is presented to the Board of Regents in open meeting as soon as practicable.