1.06 Permitted Use of NMSU Official Seal

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Scope: NMSU System

Source: RPM Title 1 | Institutional Governance

Policy Administrator:

Last Updated: 03/06/2017



Revision History:

Recompiled 2017, formerly “New Mexico State University Seal”
03/06/2017 Amendment approved by Board of Regents (formerly Policy 1.22)  
10/21/2015 Policy adopted by Board of Regents

A. Purpose

To establish parameters regarding use of the official university seal.


B. Definition and Description of Seal

The established and official symbol or stamp which authenticates official action taken, award bestowed, and/or signatures of the members of the NMSU Board of Regents. Adopted in December 1962 by the New Mexico State University Board of Regents, the circular design of the NMSU Seal has the words New Mexico State University and the date, 1888, around the edge of the circle and a Zia, with the letters N, M, S, U, in the four corners of the Zia symbol within the circle as shown here:

Official Seal of New Mexico State University

Official Seal of New Mexico State University


C. Use of Seal

  1. Restricted Use/Authorization to Use Seal: The seal is restricted for use by and for the NMSU Board of Regents and the Office of the Chancellor, with limited exceptions as they may authorize.
  2. Prohibition of Alteration of Seal: As the university’s official indicia/insignia, it shall not be altered, except by formal action of the NMSU Board of Regents.
  3. Permissible Use(s) of Seal: Use of the university seal is prohibited without written consent from the Office of the Chancellor. The official university seal shall be used only for formal university business, including but not limited to, the diplomas issued to NMSU graduates, select and official university documents and commemorative items and awards.


D. Procedural Guidelines

To facilitate the administration and enforcement of this policy, the policy administrator may develop and issue supplemental procedural guidelines (includes protocols, forms, etc.), consistent with the policy and with approval from the chancellor. Procedural guidelines shall either be published in the Administrative Rules and Procedures or shall be posted on an appropriate website and linked from this section.